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Responding to COVID19

Hello Singers, We are all trying to figure out the safest way to navigate this crazy time. Since Singing Lessons are a one on one activity and don't require close proximity or physical contact I feel like we are okay to continue on as normal with precautions - so as of right now I am still holding private lessons as usual. However, for everyone's safety, I am going to ask that you please follow these PROTOCOLS during your lesson times:

➼ Please wash your hands when you arrive and BEFORE you come into the singing room. As much as I love you all, no hugs or smooches.

➼ I can't believe I'm saying this, but we will NOT be doing lip trills during this time. Too much potential for spit and bodily fluids (sorry to be gross.)

➼ We will not be using the microphone until further notice.

➼ While in (and out) of the music room we should use "social distancing" meaning don't stand too close to the keyboard (most of you already do this - easy one!) More space is best.

➼ I always have disinfectant wipes on hand for the student table area, music stand, door knobs and stair railing and I will be using them before and after every student.

➼ I will have 2 air purifiers running and essential oil diffusers with strong virus killer oil blends going at all times. (I always do this anyway)

➼ Please do not touch anything you don't have to touch to have your lesson. Honestly - I don't even know what this means - but please be aware. Especially things that can't be cleaned easily.

➼ If possible, please do not wait for your child in our house while their lesson is going on. If you do have to wait please practice extra caution with all of the above.

ALSO, we all know this, however IF YOU FEEL SICK AT ALL (especially fever, cough and shortness of breath) PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT COME TO YOUR LESSON. If ANYONE in your household has been feeling ill, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO YOUR LESSON. I am suspending the "24 Hour Notice On Cancellations" policy so you are free to cancel in a moments notice if you think it's the safest thing to do. You won't be charged for a last minute cancellation until further notice.

Public (ROCK) Choir will be postponed along with the Pubic School System Schedule. Please check our PRC Page for more info on that. I am obviously not a medical professional - but I will do my best to keep you all singing and honing your skills if possible. Please email me with questions and concerns. Please don't hesitate to cancel your lessons if you are not comfortable with any of this. With much love and appreciation, Deena

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