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"Everyone can benefit from accessing the full power of their voice. Everyone is born to sing. Everyone NEEDS to sing. EVERYONE is a singer."         D. Kamm

If you're a Central Oregon resident interested in private voice lessons with Deena Kamm please email her for pricing and info about how to get onto her schedule.
Private lessons are held on the west side of Bend, and are open to all ages and experience levels.
Why do you get stuck when you do that certain thing or hit that one note? Why did your choir teacher place you with the sopranos at age 16 when you sing like Nina Simone? Why does your throat hurt when you try to sing for long periods of time? Why do you run out of breath or struggle for air when you sing even a few notes...? Why are you not able to make more than one default sound when you sing? The list of questions goes on and on, but the answers are usually pretty simple and very common.

Are you already a singer and want to push yourself a little more? Take a few lessons and get a new perspective on what you're doing (or not doing!) to help open up and unlock your potential. Or maybe you're not a "singer" at all and just like to sing because it feels great. You can take a few lessons and see what happens when you unleash that inner voice in your head. Everyone should know HOW to use their voice and what makes it function properly - even if it's just for speaking and singing along with the car radio. It's YOUR voice. Do you own it fully? I can show you what to do and how to do it so you can decide how to present your voice instead of just being in default mode your whole life. Get in control. It's easier than you think, and it's your birthright as a human - you were born to sing! We all were. I mean it.

Every lesson is customized to where you are in that moment, what your voice is doing, and where you would eventually like it to be. It can be very enlightening to find out how your accidental habits are affecting your voice. Most of the time it's just a few things that we don't even know we're doing. You'll get some new tools to try so you decide how your voice represents you and your life. It's really not that mysterious or difficult and it can be exciting to hear who's been secretly hidden for all these years.

I work with people who have zero experience, professionals, recreational singers, and especially "non" singers.  I'm also happy to work with any age student - kids and adults.  I think 5 lessons is just enough time to learn the basics and give you an idea as to what your voice can do. * is where you really start to see and feel change. After that, you can do a few lessons here and there, or weekly lessons until you feel like you've got the tools you need to sing confidently. You only need to schedule according to how often you want to come in, but I do recommend once weekly when you start.  In-person lessons are on the west side of Bend and are 50 minutes long. Email me to get on my schedule. You've waited long enough. You're here! You did it! If you can talk - you can sing. That's a promise!
I look forward to meeting with you,
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