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No One Should Feel Voiceless

Last weekend, I began pre-production on a very lofty project involving the voice. A few years ago, I wrote the music and lyrics for a show called "Voiceless: A Musical". As you can imagine from the title, it explores the common feeling of voicelessness, struggling to be heard, or not having a voice at all. It was an exciting weekend, and I am happy to finally see the show come to life (albeit slowly).

In the workshop leading up to hearing the actors read and sing the play, I was reminded again of just how fragile the human voice really is. It seems like all of us, at one point or another, are deeply affected by not feeling in control of our own voice. It's real; your feelings about your voice are real and valid and come from a very deep place both psychologically and emotionally. Even the biggest, boldest, bravest voices are not immune to feeling insecure about what they have to say and how they have been taught to say it.

It reminded me of exactly why I started the Public (ROCK) Choir... So that people who aren't "singers" (not a thing - but I won't get into that right now) have a place to come and get loud - as loud as you want - and use your voice to its fullest without any rules, pre-conceived ideas of what it's supposed to sound like, and most importantly, free of judgment from others. As I listened to so many stories about people struggling with the feeling of a stifled voice, I felt so proud of the people who come to our Rock Choir every month! They show up - They Sing Their Face Off - They use your voice the way it was always meant to be used. Loud and free.

Thank you.

We meet the first Friday of every month. It's open to everyone and anyone who wants to and needs to sing. I hope YOU will join us, and make a lot of noise and change the world one song at a time with YOUR voice.

See you soon...


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