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  • Do I have to be a good singer to come to a Rock Choir?
    No! You don't have to know anything about singing. We are not here to get you a recording contract or get you on The Voice. We are here so you have somewhere to sing without feeling self conscious or bad about what you think you sound like. If you DO sound great that's also fine - We often have many great singers in our group. But we also have people who just blend in and sing their faces off without any worries about what they sound like.
  • Do I need to know how to read music?
    No! We never provide anything but our version of the formatted lyrics for the songs we are singing that night. If you want to bring your own sheet music with each and every note on it for that song you are welcome to, but that is not expected, recommended, or provided. Our goal is to get you feeling the music and singing your face off. We don't care if you get every note right. We don't care if you get ANY note right! Just come sing. You'll be suprised how quickly you will sound good, even if you don't know the song.
  • Do I have to audition to join Rock Choir?
    Holy jeepers, no! Just show up and get ready to have fun singing your face off. Auditions are stressful and high pressure. We don't do ANYTHING stressful or high pressure. Sing Bend is about bringing music to people who don't have another means of making it, or just want more places to express themselves. There is no skill level required to join us. Just get in the door, open up your mouth, and sing... Ta da! You're in! You're officially part of the Rock Choir!
  • What songs will we be singing?
    Songs are the trickiest part of Rock Choir. A lot of factors go into choosing a good song for the group. We try to let you know what the songs are ahead of time as much as possible and we try to stick to those song choices at the event. However sometimes things just don't work out and we need to change the vibe FAST. You need to get on our email list to find out what songs we are planing on singing, so get yourself signed up right now to get into the loop! (Go to home page of this site and scroll down a bit.)
  • Can I bring my child to Rock Choir?
    Unless otherwise specified, our Public (ROCK) Choir events are not designed for children. Our events typically involve alcohol, as well as inappropriate language for children. We do not censor any songs, lyrics, or language for our public events. We respectfully ask that you leave small children at home, allowing the Public (ROCK) Choir singers to be free to enjoy their night in an adult environment. Teenagers are usually fine, but can get bored easily (a typical teenager reaction to most things.)
  • How often do you meet?
    We do not have a set schedule anymore. (COVID killed our regular Monday night meet-ups.) We recommenced you get on the mailing list (on the homepage of this website) and you will get emailed with the upcoming Public (ROCK) Choir event dates and times etc...
  • Do I have to eat, drink, or buy something while I'm there?
    No, you don't ever have to buy anything from our host location while you are there for PRC. Of course our hosts would be happy if you wanted to buy beverages and food, and they obviously appreciate being tipped like everywhere else in the service industry. Depending on the location, you may be able to bring in your own water bottles, but typically bringing your own beverages and food is frowned upon and/or not allowed.
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