Do I have to be a good singer to come to a Rock Choir?

No! You don't have to know anything about singing. We are not here to get you a recording contract or get you on The Voice. We are here so you have somewhere to sing without feeling self conscious or bad about what you think you sound like. If you DO sound great that's also fine - We often have many great singers in our group. But we also have people who just blend in and sing thier faces off without any worries about what they sound like.

Do I need to know how to read music?

No! We never provide anything but our version of the formatted lyrics for the songs we are singing that night. If you want to bring your own sheet music with each and every note on it for that song you are welcome to, but that is not expected, recommended, or provided. Our goal is to get you feeling the music and singing your face off. We don't care if you get every note right. We don't care if you get ANY note right! Just come sing. You'll be suprised how quickly you will sound good, even if you don't know the song.

Can I get copies of the lyrics ahead of time?

Yes! If you would like to print out the formatted lyrics (they will always be handed out at our choirs) ahead of time, you can request the password for the lyrics page and view, download, or print them out. We try to get the new songs up as soon as possible. Email us if you don't find what you are looking for.

What if I can't commit? Do I have to show up every week?

No - you don't have to commit to anything! We are totally flexible at Public (ROCK) Choir. The more you can come, the less you will pay (see membership pricing) but you are welcome to never commit at all and just pay at the door when you walk in. On rare occasions, we have performances around town. If you want to participate in those, it's best for everyone in the group that you try to come at least a few weeks in a row before the show. You will have ample notice about performances, so no need to worry about if you will make it in time. Just come and have fun.

Can I bring other people to choir?

Yes! Feel free to bring everyone you've ever met. The more the merrier. There is no charge for first timers, so you can bring anyone who wants to join you, and they risk nothing to try it out. Please invite away and tell everyone you know!

Are there shows or performances?

Yes. We occasionally have shows, and they are typically open-air public venues like festivals, parades, caroling, etc. You never are expected to perform with us. You can come to every pre-performance Choir we have and then decide not to perform right before we go onstage. There is never any pressure and you won't ruin anything by changing your mind at the last second. Conversely, if you want to perform but are nervous to do it on your own, PRC and KRC are a great way to get your feet wet and experience being the star, without any pressure to get everything right or be put on the spot in a solo situation. We get great responses from audience members who always comment about how we look like we are having the best time... because we are!

Do I have to audition to join Rock Choir?

Holy jeepers, no! Just show up and get ready to have fun singing your face off. Audtions are stressful and high pressure. We don't do ANYTHING stressful or high pressure. Sing Bend is about bringing music to people who don't have another means of making it, or just want more places to express themselves. There is no skill level required to join us. Just get in the door, open up your mouth, and sing - ta da - you're in!

Can I bring my child to Rock Choir?

We don't recommend bringing small children to Public (ROCK) Choir. Our Choirs often involve alcohol, as well as language that may be inappropriate for children, and we do not censor any lyrics in PRC songs. Most modern songs have something inappropriate for young children. However, every song presented in Kids Rock(!) Choir is age appropriate, with lyrics being modified when necessary. Although we won't keep you from bringing a small child to Public (ROCK) Choir, we do encourage you to please consider bringing your children to Kids ROCK(!) Choir instead, allowing the Public (ROCK) Choir members to be free to enjoy their night in an adult environment.

How often do you meet? Are you really there every Monday night?

We meet every Monday night from 6:00-8:00pm! There are a few Monday nights that we don't meet. Some reasons we have not had a Monday Choir in the past include: -A major holiday fell on a Monday, like Christmas and New Year. -Our Choir Director has to be out of town (advance notice is given and website is updated.) -We are hit with a major storm and the roads are too dangerous to drive on. -Summer Hiatus If you are not sure if there is a Choir that week, the best thing to do is check the website. It will ALWAYS be posted on the website if there is no Choir. otherwise - we meet every Monday night.

Do I have to eat, drink, or buy something while I'm there?

No, you don'thave to buy anything from the bar or restaraunt while you are there. We are very generously hosted by Broken Top Bottle Shop. Of course they would be happy if you ate dinner, brought your friends for dinner, came back for dinner and drinks the next night, and went to all of their other cool events, we are not affiliated with Broken Top Bottle Shop other than that they let us use thier space. However, please do not bring in your own food or beverages. That would not be cool. And do consider eating there if you haven't. The food is GREAT and the staff is lovely and we love to support them, as they are supporting us!