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Hello, I'm Deena Kamm. I've been a professional singer and performer for my entire adult life. I grew up in Southern California and started singing right when I graduated from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (where I was actually a dance major.) I was fortunate to start working as a singer almost immediately after I sang in public for the first time. Throughout my career I've had amazing opportunities - like performing on huge stages in front of thousands of people. But I've also had bizarre jobs - like being a bunch of purple "Grapes" in the Salad Bar Delight live action musical at the LA County Fair. (It's true and ridiculous.)  I've been hired to sing for NBC, CBS, MTV, FOX, Clear Channel, Premier Radio Networks, The Howard Stern Show, countless radio stations across the States, Film Soundtracks, TV theme songs, and as a recording studio vocalist.

I spent the first half of my music career in my hometown, Los Angeles, CA, working with musicians, bands, and producers. In the 90's I toured around the country as the lead singer/songwriter with my own band, Unruly Helga. I've performed in just about every kind of live situation and establishment possible and worked with industry folks from all over the world.  From those experiences, I gained immense knowledge about effective singing, powerful songwriting, engaging performances, and artistry that is continually tested in each new situation.
In 2010 I left L.A. and moved to Bend, OR, with my family. We were looking for a simpler life away from the rat race and daily grind of a big city. After I moved to Bend I joined a few Central Oregon bands, started a Pop-Jazz ensemble, a funk band, and even got involved in some musical theater. In Bend, I have had the privilege of working with so many of the talented and wonderful musicians and performers who live here.

I started SING BEND in 2013 to help people find, understand, and own their voice. Three years later I developed the PUBLIC (ROCK) COIR so my students and people in Central Oregon had a place to come and sing their faces off just for the sake of singing. It's was a huge success and it still going strong today.

In nightmare 2020 I composed music and lyrics for a main stage musical called "VOICELESS" in collaboration with the hilarious Canadian award-winning writer, story editor, former TV development executive, and fellow teacher, Anne Fenn. The show is about my favorite subject (yes - voice) along with a big focus on the strength and beauty of the Autism community. We are still in lengthy process of getting to the stage but we are hoping to see a workshop version go up in Bend in the Fall of 2024 and a World Premier of the fully staged show in Spring of 2025.

I am currently bringing my voice work and coaching experience to the corporate world with my newly launched company, VOICE UP, where I work with professionals who rely on their voices in their work, like Politicians, Attorneys, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, etc... I help them access the power of their number one best communication device (yes - voice, again.)


I love my job. I can't imagine doing anything else for a living other than all the a fore mentioned endeavors that keep me creative, connected, happy and... singing. I hope you will find room in your world to sing too. It's one of THE best parts of being a human!


You can hear Deena singing at Public (ROCK) Choir or live around Central, OR in musicals, showcases, and occasional band projects. Like our Sing Bend Facebook page for info on those events and more.

You can listen to Deena's 90's Alt-Rock band, UNRULY HELGA, at

Or check out her coaching programs and services at

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