Due to public safety issues concerning COVID-19 we will not be having Rock Choir until further notice.

Check back when things calm down or get on the mailing list for all our updates.



Broken Top Bottle Shop
1740 NW Pence Lane, Bend 97701

$16 non-members. Admission as low as $10 with membership.

First time is always FREE!

Credit Cards also accepted at the door.


Check out this fun video created for us

by Zeke Kamm...

What is Public (ROCK) Choir?
PRC is explained in this video:

Sing Bend is calling on Central Oregonians – shy or bold -- talented or terrible - to celebrate and share in the awesomeness of singing with our Public (Rock) Choir. The group is designed to provide a fun, non-threatening environment, so people of all skill levels can participate.


Public (Rock) Choir is a place where people can come and sing as big and as loud as they want without feeling on the spot. It’s not about being a great singer, it’s about joining our collective voices and singing our faces off because it feels good and it's good for you! At the Public Choir you can be part of a group music experience without feeling self-conscious or worried about who can hear you and who's  watching. So many people miss the opportunity to experience the power of singing because it seems too scary to put yourself out there or they feel like they don't know what to do. We want everyone to have the chance to feel amazing doing something they might not have the courage to do alone and be part of creating and fully experiencing your favorite music. If you can talk, you can sing! Come try it out.

While the group is called a "Choir," there won’t be any hymns or church music involved. Public (Rock) Choir sings songs from popular artists heard on the radio, both current and classic. We sing big songs with lots of voices and harmonies so everyone can find their voice inside the music.

The Public (Rock) Choir will meet weekly at Broken Top Bottle Shop in Bend. Please check the website or get on the mailing list for weekly info and updates or the rare cancellation.

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