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It's That Gift Giving Time Of The Year...

It may drive you nuts. You may hate it. You may love it (like me!). You may be over it before it starts. Maybe you aren't comfortable getting them or are terrible at giving them... You get the point. No matter what - you can't escape that it's THAT time of year and EVERYONE is giving gifts to EVERYONE. It can be a tall order to get that "right" thing that makes you feel like it mattered, you didn't waste money, and it made the recipient happy.

Obviously, I think that giving someone the gift of learning how well their voice really works is THE GREATEST. But, here's another perspective...

Last month, I started with a new client who, after her third session with me, disclosed that she never felt comfortable singing the song "Happy Birthday," so she always pretended and just mouthed it. After her second coaching session with me, she not only sang "Happy Birthday" at her husband's birthday dinner OUT LOUD but also told the other guests there that they weren't allowed to sing with her. Yes - she sang it alone. And she was stunned with herself. After 50-something years of refusing and being terrified and embarrassed to be heard even singing "Happy Birthday," she finally sang out loud... and she did it without hiding.

Now, if this doesn't seem like a big deal to you, then you might already be a great and confident singer who loves to be heard by all. But for the rest of the world, singing can be a huge source of stress. That's where I come in. I remind people what they were born to do... perfectly. I love my job. I see people have breakthrough moments every day that literally bring them to tears just because they get to a point in their voice where they recognize and remember what they have kept hidden for most of their lives. It's fantastic every time and I see it at least once a week. Lucky me.

So, if you don't know what to give this time of year, then I recommend giving someone a chance to get their voice back, in a safe space, even if it's just for a few minutes. It just might permanently change how they feel about themselves, and they just might start singing Happy Birthday out loud... Alone. Which is so rad, right?

Happy Holidays!!


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