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On March 5th
Find out why you LOVE to sing.
Find out why you NEED to sing.

And learn why I always say
You were BORN to sing.
And also why I always say
If you can talk you can sing...

Deena Kamm, in conjunction with her coaching company, Voice Up LLC, is part of an exciting new venture dedicated solely to learning about the DIAPHRAGM and the many ways it can and should NATURALLY enhance your health, emotions, and overall life! This is a deeply discounted price for what are usually very expensive experts in their fields. You get to benefit from the early stages of this project  with the first "Lecture & Lab" and you will leave with life changing information that you can literally take with you everywhere and teach to others around you. We encourage everyone who breathes to signup for this event!

S2S lecture & Lab Poster.png
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