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Public (ROCK) Choir Is Coming Back!

Yes - You DID read that right...

Central Oregon's one and only, kick-a$$ Public (ROCK) Choir is resurfacing like a PHOENIX from the depths of pandemic hell and we have our first 2022 date booked! (Yes - it's dramatic - it's rising from the ashes - it's rock choir!) PRC has a new space that is fantastic and may end up being an ongoing location for the future. We also have an updated ticket sales process. The band is back and ready to rock for you. (Dave, Jared, Tim. Whaaaat?!) I'm not sure about the song set list yet, but while I'm figuring it out... Get your tickets early as we need to pre-sell this event to put it on.


  1. VACCINATION REQUIRED AND CHECKED - Doors open 30 min before event. Please arrive early to allow time for check-in. Each individual must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of this show, plus a photo ID. At-home or self-certification COVID tests are not accepted. (And yes I DID borrow these guidelines from the Tower Theater.)

  2. MASKS WILL NOT BE REQUIRED OR ENCOURAGED - Thus the proof of vaccination requirement.

  3. ONE TIME PRE-SALE EVENT - So make sure you show up! We will not be having regular weekly Rock Choirs until further notice. This is a flat fee event with no discount or membership options.

  4. THIS EVENT WILL BE FILMED - We will be using footage from this event for promotional purposes and your image may get captured. Please let us know at the door if you do not want to be on camera so we can place you strategically.

Tuesday, March 15th 6-8pm $18 Per Person Open Space Event Studio 220 NE Lafayette Ave, Bend, OR 97701


  • No experience is required

  • You don't need to be a "good singer" or a "singer" at all

  • You don't need to know music

Just show up and have a good time doing what your body was made to do even if you think it sounds TERRIBLE!!! We don't care. That's not what Rock Choir is about. It's just a place for you to come and express yourself as loud as you want. (And if you're a great singer, that's fine too. We'll still let you in.) Here's a good example of a typical Rock Choir experience...

Get a drink if you want. Take the lyrics. Chat with someone new. Sing Your Face Off. Repeat. Don't wait to register! Sign up now so we know that everyone is ready to come back and join in. Email me back with any questions. I can't WAIT to see you all on March 15th! Deena

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