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Parade Madness!

"Let's Go Big" - That's what Carla, our Parade Coordinator, said to me when we were deciding if we should all just walk and sing, you know.. keep it simple. Or GO BIG. We went big. 28 Feet of float big. Carla insisted. That's what I like about Carla. Full Bar. Safety railing built to hold in the madness. Set Decorating. Banner. Signs. Music. LOUD music! Costumes. Beer (of course.) It's going to be epic. I hope you will check us out at the Parade. Wave at us. Scream your face off. Sing your face off... Get crazy with us. It's on.

Stay Tuned for pictures on the website after December 2nd. Parade starts at noon - it's downtown. If you don't already know about it you're probably not from Bend anyway. If you are from Bend... get ready to rock.


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