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  • Deena K.

Get out of your way!

It's funny how we seem to go through themes in the Music Room here at Sing Bend... I'll have a student who is struggling with a specific issue and then suddenly the next 4 students are having the same struggle. I don't know how that is - but it is.

Lately I have been seeing a common theme come up - being yourself and not worrying who hears YOU. I think the Quote of the Week says it all. (See above) You can't be a genuine artist, or anything, for that matter, if you are thinking about how you're going to look or be perceived. And let's face it - no one wants to hear you sing in someone else's voice. That's just completely boring. But it's easier said than done - like so many other aspects of performing. So do your best to let go of what you THINK you are supposed to sound like (or look like, or be like...) and see what happens when you are just you. Because YOU are good enough. And maybe you'll find your true voice in the process.


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