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UPDATE: Responding to COVID19


Hello again, Well - as you all already know - things are changing by the second. My family and I have been over and over it and we have finally decided to completely self-quarantine for at least the next two to three weeks. So all private lessons are officially cancelled until further notice. I will miss your shinning faces and happy voices. Side Note: I am trying to figure out how to lose the delay online so I can offer you online lessons. I have been testing it out in many different apps all morning and it actually feels exactly the same as an in person lesson for the most part, but that DARN delay!! It's ruining everything. If something changes on that I will put it out there for anyone who wants to give it a try. In the meantime - If you have a recording of your warm-ups I suggest you use them! If you have access to my Dropbox files with the basic exercises I suggest you use those too. Lip trill away and stay positive! We'll be through this soon enough. With much love and healthy good vibes, Deena

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