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Going DEEP into the Diaphragm

If you have ever met me, heard me talk, seen me sing, had a conversation with me about your voice, or been a student, client, or just an innocent bystander in a room with me (pretty much anything where I have opened my mouth) then you probably already know that I am a HUGE fan of the DIAPHRAGM! You might even know that I believe the diaphragm is the most important muscle in the human body (yes, the heart is always upstaging it in a very unfounded way IMO) and that my ultimate dream in life would be to replace the overrated and misused heart emoji with a fantastically oversimplified diaphragm emoji! maybe something like this:

...and I would prefer one in every single color, one with flames, and broken, and with an arrow - all of it... And I would use it for EVERYTHING!

What is all of this about? Okay - well I have joined forces with two totally amazing humans and that journey begins on March 5th at 2pm in beautiful Bend Oregon!!

Suffering to Superpower is our new venture where we will do our very best to (re)educate the world on their most amazing tool for a healthy, happy, powerful life. I hope you will join us for this first Lecture & Lab series. I guarantee you won't regret it and it's at a deeply discounted price to get you in here without limitation!

Info is below and click on links or image to redirect to our website.

I REALLY hope you can join us - your life just may depend on it.

From the bottom of my diaphragm,

Deena Kamm

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