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Private Voice Lessons
in Bend and Central Oregon

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"If you can physically talk, then you can physically sing.
The rest is just a mental game. I can help you with both."
D. Kamm, Vocal Instructor at Sing Bend


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"Singing is your birthright.
Everyone should do it regularly"

D. Kamm, Vocal Instructor at Sing Bend



Private Voice Coach | Rock Choir Director

Deena Kamm is your personal Voice Coach and Confidence Building Guru, with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a professional singer, writer, recording artist, voice-over artist, and performer. She has graced stages, screens, and radio airwaves across the nation and around the world. Deena has been coaching singers for well over a decade and specializes in helping people who identify as "non-singers" that are looking to find or re-connect with their voice.
Her mission is simple but lofty: Help people rediscover the inherent connection between health, happiness, strength, and confidence embedded within every human voice.

Deena is also the founder and director of VOICE UP, an executive voice coaching consultancy specializing in developing and maintaining the voices of public speakers, attorneys, politicians, influencers, authors, and anyone else who relies on the confidence and quality of their speaking voice. Learn more at

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