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Choir Leader & Vocal Coach

Do you want to sing? Is your biggest fear being heard OUT LOUD by the world? Are you a singer and want to get better better better? I can help you...
As a professional singer for 25+ years, I've been hired to sing for NBC, CBS, MTV, Clear Channel, Premier Radio Networks, The Howard Stern Show, countless radio stations across the country, and studio sessions for recording artists both as a lead singer and a background vocalist.
I spent much of my music/singing career in Los Angeles, CA, working with bands, studios, and producers. I have toured the country as the lead singer and songwriter of my own band Unruly Helga for over 15 years. I performed in every type of situation and establishment possible and worked with amazing talented people from all over the world.  
I LOVE teaching, leading our Rock Choirs, and helping people find their voice. I'd be happy to be a part of your journey in finding your voice. Singing is something EVERYONE can and should do! If you can talk - you can sing. It feels great and it's amazingly fun at any level. I look forward to working with you - come on and Sing Bend

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