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Teen Rock Choir

Singing Workshops

There are no teen workshops scheduled at this time. Please get on our mailing list to be alerted to upcoming programs. Thanks!

Next Workshop is


Mondays from 3:00-4:20 pm

Broken Top Bottle Shop, 1740 NW Pence Lane, Bend


(Advanced Registration Required)


Sing Bend is now offereing TEEN ROCK CHOIR Workshops! Get on our mailing list to get first hand updated information about dates and programming.

If your kid loves to sing but isn't captivated by choir music or traditional choir singing... This is for them! At all of the Sing Bend Choirs we strongly encourage Singing Your Face Off with only one goal: to have a great time singing! No formal training or experience is required to join. All songs are picked by the kids after they are registered and our songs are set on day one of the workshop.  Parents, siblings, family, and friends are encouraged to plan on coming to the last event date for a performance at Broken Top Bottle Shop. 

We will spend time each day learning some basic singing skills and then jump right into singing the songs that the kids choose. There are wireless microphones available if they want to use them. Microphones will be used in turn so everyone gets a chance to be front and center. We will also work on short solos for those who would like to sing alone. There is never any pressure to do anything but enjoy and be comfortable in your own skin. Shy, loud, scared, boisterous, energetic, or totally reserved... There is no right or wrong criteria in music. Everyone has something to give. This is a chance for your Teens to figure out what kind of singer they are and who they want to be!

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