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The Fat Lady Is Getting Ready To Sing...

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You may have already heard the news that SING BEND will soon only be home to the occasional PUBLIC ROCK CHOIR.

I am slowly phasing out my private singing lesson roster to focus on my new company VOICE UP! This will be a relatively flexible transition during 2022 and into 2023.

You will no longer be able to access my Scheduler directly from the website and you need to contact me directly to get on my local schedule. If you are interested in starting singing lessons, or have unused lesson packages or gift cards, you can still book with me and make that happen but I wouldn't wait too long!

To get on or stay on my current singing lesson schedule you can hit the CONTACT button in the toolbar above and send me a direct message.

And if you are interested in hiring me for Corporate Presentations, Voice Coaching, and/or Team Building at your company please head over to

I will be continuing with the Public (ROCK) Choir monthly so that our awesome community can keep getting LOUD. If you need/want/like to get crazy and Sing Your Face Off then get on the email list and come join our group when it starts back up again.

Until then... keep doing lip trills and annoying your family with your volume. It's your birth right.



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