Do You:
  • Struggle with being heard in a group setting?
  • Frequently suffer from strained voice production?
  • Have a timid and/or shy speaking voice?
  • Lose your voice after speaking for only 10-60 minutes?

Get help and get it fixed... FAST!
Deena Kamm will teach you how your voice works, what YOUR voice was born to do, and how strengthening it can help you get your message across to your audiences, associates, employees, cohorts, etc... You already have all the tools, Deena will show you how to use them. It is simple and effective information but is rarely included in the big picture of how to give a presentation (even though it's literally the foundation of speaking.

What you get in a 2 hour In-Person or Virtual Session:
  •  Learn how your physical voice works in quick, easy, simple terms.
  • Learn proper breathing techniques to support your voice.
  • Learn strengthening exercises and easy tools to practice and warm up.
  • Get an assessment of your current speaking voice​.
  • Customized session to get you the voice you want and need to succeed! 
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the voice you want and need to succeed!
Voice Coaching/Evaluation: $150/2 hours

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