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It's 90's Ladies Night at PRC!

Hey hey -

A little update about what's been happening at PRC lately...

If you are a hardcore PRC's then you know that I like to do themed nights at PRC, mostly because there are billions of great songs to choose from and it helps me narrow down and decide what to pick. But I typically try to keep the music spread across different generations at every event, because I never know who is going to show up and how old you are going to be feeling that night.

Last months PRC, May '23, I went out on a limb and did an 80's theme. It's was crazy fun - obviously - the 80's was nothing but cocaine and hairspray. How could that ever go wrong? So this month, April '23, I'm moving forward a decade and we are going into the 90's.

I love 90's music because that was the decade I was writing, recording, and touring with my band, Unruly Helga, so I have a little bias here. But in all objective honesty, the music from the 90's was some of the best music ever made. And there were TONS of great female artist that emerged with the creation of things like Lillith Fair and easy access to the internet, where ladies could be independent solo artists without the male dominated record company executives shoving systemic misogony down our throats (speaking from a lot of experience here) So... It's 90's ladies night at PRC!

Here's what we will be singing:


No Doubt - Just A Girl 4 Non Blondes - What's Up The Cranberries - Dreams Joan Osborne - One Of Us Sheryl Crow - Can't Cry Anymore (Unlike the ridiculous videos from the 80's, I LOVE the videos from the 90's. I could watch them all day... They were still relatively low budget and MTVish, instead of today's over-the-top mini films made by top dollar famous directors. In the 90's they were figuring out that they could do very cool things with lighting, editing, and taking a camera out to the streets and filming on the fly without permits, planning, and huge crews. I miss that raw creativity. I always recommend watching the videos to every song but this months I really love - especially I'm Just A Girl. It's as raw and real as music gets. Enjoy!) Past PRC songs that will keep us rolling with ladies night: Linda Rondstadt - When I will I Be Loved (1974) One Way Or Another - Blondie (1978) Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home (1996) Lizzo - Good As Hell (2019) I hope you will join us - and if you can't make this one, remember that we don't do just new songs every time so I will carry over anything that goes well this month into future rock choirs. It gives everyone a chance to sing songs that are awesome multiple times instead of just one and done. I also don't pay my band enough to learn 12-14 new songs for every event. It's a lot to ask and they are pretty patient with my non stop requests and last minute additions. It also allows them more chances to get the songs a little bit better each time we play it, which is a win-win for everyone involved.

Come get your 90's indie alt rock fem music on with us and we'll do a little "wo"mansplaining for a change.

Public (ROCK) Choir Monday, April 3rd

Broken Top Bottle Shop 1740 NW Pence Ln, Bend OR 6-8pm, $18

See you soon!


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