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In-Person Lessons Starting Back Up! Here's What You Need To Know...

Updated: May 10, 2021

Wow - after 14 months of not even the crickets being legally allowed to sing around other people... I'm opening the music room back up to my very missed students! I can't WAIT to see some actual faces that aren't digitized and remote.

A few caveats for our return to singing...

  • You must be fully vaccinated to schedule an In-Person lesson. Because I teach out of my home music room my son is still at risk. My husband and I have decided that we will require anyone who comes in our house, with the intention of doing the worlds most dangerous and strictly mask-less work right now (yes - that's singing) MUST be fully vaccinated. As in - you've had your second shot and it's been two full weeks and Faucci would approve. Oh - and I'm also following strict CDC guidelines while I am teaching. INfo on that when you book.

On that note...

  • You need to know that we have a 12 year old who is in school full time and he has not been vaccinated. If that presents any kind of health concern for you PLEASE do not book an In-Person lesson. My husband has been fully vaccinated, as have I, but until they open the vaccine to kids, my son is still a potential carrier of the virus, and there is a strong chance he will be in the house close to a time when you are there.

  • We made a big change from the last time anyone was in our house... We got a Miniature Dachshund. Yes, we did the COVID thing and rescued a sweet little Weiner dog that thinks he's a Rottweiler. The upside is he's amazing and we love him to pieces, and you will too. He's irresistibly adorable. The downside is he's never been fully socialized and we will be doing that as we open back up along with the rest of the world - so he doesn't have the best manners and will manically bark at you at first. We're hopping this is curbed within a few days (or weeks... yikes). If you have dog allergies I would not fear too much - He is on a strict diet to alleviate my husbands terrible dander allergies and we don't have much problem with that anymore. He is also NEVER in the music room. If you don't like dogs howling while you sing... well, I can't make any guarantees. Seriously - he loves to sing when we sing. He is for sure the perfect dog for me. It's cute but I'm hoping it's a passing phase while students are here. We're working on it. Luckily he's food motivated so we will ask you to grab some treats from the jar outside before you come in so he doesn't think you're an intruder. Ugh. Rescue dog life. Thank god he's only 9 pounds and a fast learner. It may take patience on my students part to sort out any surprises. He's worth it.

  • Last caveat: We are closing off our usual loft waiting room area until further notice and moving the waiting area to our side and back patios. Before you come in you will go to our patio around the back where you will have an even BETTER waiting to hang out at before your lesson. I will come get you, introduce you to the 9 pound psycho, and then walk you upstairs to the music room. When you are done you will go out the front door so you will not cross paths with the next student/dog victim. This way, just in case, we are all still keeping as much distance as possible for a while. It shouldn't feel too bad. Our patio is great but please bring your own water and/or tea. You will still have access to our always touchless guest Wifi.

If you have any concerns that I can help work out with you PLEASE let me know. My family and I have been extremely careful up until now and we will continue to put our friends, family, and neighbors health first as we move out of this pandemic nightmare together.

I can't wait to see my students! Get your vaccine NOW so we can start singing again! Woot Woot!



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