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Another Isolation Song In The Proverbial Can...

I finally finished editing, arranging, mixing the Sing Bend version of Hold Back The River for our Songs In Isolation project. It feels like it took forever. Sigh. If you're just joining us - this is my attempt at staying connected with my Rock Choir singers and private students while we aren't safely able to project air particles from our lungs at each other while in a room together. Let's face it - it's going to be a long time... Singing loud in a group full of drinking, rowdy friends who are hugging and yelling and letting totally loose, is not COVID-19 friendly, and neither is one on one private lesson singing in a small music room for that matter. Another sigh.

This song took me a frustratingly long time to edit because I am not used to producing so many voices at one time and I am not an sound/music engineer. Everything I know and do in my home studio is usually a demo version of something that I write and sing then pay people to make sound better later with things like effects, processors, mastering... it's a long list of studio tricks that I know very little about. So all of your forgiveness on production choices is appreciated. Remember - we are doing this to stay connected, not to win a Grammy.

You can click on the image below to hear the song via youtube or go to our facebook page for info or our youtube channel directly (and see what we do when we are in the same room together!)

After I recover and do my laundry and see my family, there may be more songs in the works. If you are interested in getting involved please email me or get on our Songs In Isolation Mailing list (front page of the website you will find a form.)



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