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30 for 30 - Online Lessons

Hello Singers!

Starting on April 1st, I will be offering 30 minute voice lessons for $30 on Tuesdays.

These shorter lessons will be focused on vocal exercises, strength training, new skills, and warm-ups - I will accompany you with my piano as usual.

Normally I do all of the above in the first 30 min. of an in person lesson and then switch to 30 min. of you singing a song that I typically play for you on piano. Due to latency issues I am not able to accompany you in a song, which is why I am offering 30 min. lessons which allows for just the first half of your regular lesson.

However, if you would like to run a karaoke track, accompany yourself, or sing acapella then you are also welcome to book two sessions back to back for the full hour. I will still be able to give you all my attention, help with problem spots, suggest changes, push you in a different direction, etc... I just can't do that AND tune out a 1+ second delay on my end, so I won't be able to accompany you for a song.

To do an online lesson you must have one of the following programs installed on a computer (or phone) with a built in microphone (unless you have an external one) and video camera and speaker(s):

  • Zoom (my first choice)

  • What's App

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Google Messenger

You can schedule, like always, using this link or directly from the Lessons Page. I am starting with offering TUESDAYS ONLY. I have removed all other scheduling options but this 30 min. online option until further notice. You can book back to back lessons if you want to try an hour.

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to get online and book anytime!

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay singing!


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