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Summer Workshops for Kids!

Nico giving it his all!

Kids ROCK(!) Choir is back! This time we are doing two 6 week Summer workshops where your kiddos can come get some basic skills, pick the songs (as always) and sing their beautiful faces off! At the end of each workshop we will have an informal, but AWESOME performance for parents, friends, and family.

It's right at the witching hour of those crazy hot Summer days from 4-5pm. So you can bring in your kid (or drop off,) grab a cold beverage and a snack, and hang out in a nice cool space while your kids gets crazy for a full hour of pure singing madness.

Tell a friend, and sign up soon so we can get prepped! After you have signed your child(ren) up you will receive an email from yours truly asking your kids to give me a short list of songs they LOVE to sing. All songs will be picked by the kids and I will try my best to have at least one song from each registered child on our list.

Please contact me with questions and check the website for more info and to register.

I have missed singing with your kids on Monday's and I can't WAIT to see how our new workshop programs plays out!!


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