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  • Deena K.

Prince... THE Artist that broke the rules.

The passing of Prince last Thursday has totally bummed me out. I loved Prince. I grew up on Prince. I learned from him and jammed to him and cried to him...

I found a great article ( explaining why Prince was actually the "Genius" that everybody calls him so freely. I could rewrite it's sentiment here - but why? This guy nailed it on every level. I highly suggest you read it. It's inspiring and will make you miss Prince even more than you already do.

As a singing teacher I am ALWAYS trying to get people out of their default voice. It's my number one goal when you come into the music room - are you controlling your sound or is your sound controlling you? Prince... was always in control of everything, but especially his voice. The article noted above starts out with a beautiful description of the many endless flavors of Prince's vocal decisions and expressions. He is a perfectly brilliant example of my theory that the human voice can sound like anything we want it to. We are all gifted with a built in instrument that has endless sounds and colors. We just have to trust that we can learn how to access it and use it at will. And then we have to try... We have to tap into a strong spirit, and transcend the rules that we have put on ourselves and on our voices.

RIP Prince.


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