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  • Deena Kamm

Wow Wow Wow!

If you're like me, (and most of us were in this case) then the performance by Lady Gaga at the Oscars last night surprised the S**T out of you!

Who knew? Honestly, probably almost no one until last night. But it was there the whole time, wasn't it? Just laying low and quiet waiting for exactly the right time to be revealed. If you've ever feel scorned, overlooked, ripped off, or like you don't understand why some people have massive success while others don't, let this be a reminder that we never really know whats going on under it all. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the entertainment industry, but it takes hard, HARD work, tenacity, resilience, at least a little talent, and a huge amount of luck to "make it" in the music industry. Then once you make it multiply your hard work a million times by massive smarts and an awesome team and that's what it takes to SUSTAIN a career in the music industry. No one gets a free pass. Clearly Gaga didn't either. Way to do it, Lady G! I am forever impressed and awed where I was once admittedly confused as to what the attraction was at all.

To be more specific: I was completely stunned by the massive amount of control in her voice. I was also taken aback at her surprising (classically trained?) range. And she took a very modern approach to the phrasing of every single word that didn't take away from Julie Andrews untouchable version in order to make it sound relevant again. I really could listen to the crafting of those syllables over and over in an effort to learn something new and exciting! I have always liked Gaga, but more for her ballsy performance art and her FU attitude that has allowed her to avoid having to fit into the safe Pop Music box that seems to be the default for so many artists. BUT, I have never LOVED Gaga. I have never wanted to learn everything there is to know about Gaga. And I certainly have never Googled Gaga - until she blew my mind last night at the Oscars.

Let that be a lesson to me and to anyone who is reading this that everyone and anyone can be an inspiration if and when the timing is right. Always be open to what everyone has to offer, because most of the time, it's more than we give them credit for.

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