Are you booked online or want to be soon? To do an online lesson with Deena you must create a free student account at Please go to and set up your free student account as soon as you book your lesson to make sure any technical issues are worked out long before your lesson day/time. The Teacher Code for singing up is: SINGBEND

Your computer will need to have a working, built in microphone (unless you have an external one hooked up) and a video camera. You can use headphones that attach to your computer, or wireless Bluetooth headphones that connect to your computer.

There will be (almost) no singing in your first lesson because you will be learning the basics of breathing for vocalization.

For this lesson (and for practicing afterwards) you will need these things:

  1. A yoga mat or somewhere to lay down that is flat and comfortable. Carpet or a rug is fine, too.

  2. A 5lb plate weight or something that is dense and round that will fit under your rib cage while you are laying down.

  3. A belt or exercise strap that will fit around the bottom or your rib-cage while you are standing up.


You will want to be in a space that you feel comfortable making noise (aka singing) and free to be as loud as you want. (Deena will ask you to be loud during your second lesson on... It's not as important for your first lesson.)

Please let me know if you have any questions about all of the above before your scheduled time so we don't spend time during your lesson fixing technical issues.