Are you a COVID-19 long hauler still struggling with your breathing? Deena Kamm can help you get back in touch with your body's natural ability to take deep, calm, grounding breaths that help keep your anxiety levels low, oxygen levels high, and breath grounded, supported, and deep. Bonus... Your speaking and singing voice will free up along with it!
Although it can be difficult
 it is not complicated. You already have the tools you need in your body and you are currently using them all day long - Let Deena help you unlock them so you can be in control and aware of what you are doing to help or hurt your chances at a deep breath.

Book as few or as many sessions as you want. Let's get you breathing deep again!

*DISCLAIMER: Deena Kamm is NOT a doctor, and I can not give you ANY medical advice. Breathing restoration sessions are designed only to help you learn how your breath works and what you can do to strengthen and control it. Breathing restoration sessions are not intended to cure, prescribe, or treat your illness in any way. 

Covid-19 Long Hauler Breath Restoration: $65/hour

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