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Hello, Central Oregon. I'm Deena Kamm. I've been a professional singer and performer for my entire adult life. I grew up in Southern California and started singing right when I graduated from my High School - Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where I was a dance major. I was fortunate to start working as a singer very soon after that. Throughout my career I've had amazing opportunities, like performing on huge stages in front of thousands of people, but I've also had bizarre jobs, like being a bunch of purple "Grapes" in the Salad Bar Delight live action musical at the LA County Fair.  I've been hired to sing for NBC, CBS, MTV, Clear Channel, Premier Radio Networks, The Howard Stern Show, countless radio stations across the country. Film, TV, and studio sessions for recording artists both as a lead singer and a background vocalist.

I spent much of my music career in Los Angeles, CA, working with bands, studios and producers. I have toured around the country as the lead singer and songwriter of my own band, Unruly Helga, for over 15 years. I've performed in just about every kind of situation and establishment possible and worked with musicians, producers, concert promoters and managers from all over the world.  From those experiences I gained immense knowledge about singing, performing, and being an artist in many different facets and situations.

In 2010 I left L.A. and moved to Bend, OR, with my husband and son. We were looking for a simpler life away from the rat race and daily grind of a big city. After I moved to Bend I joined a few Central Oregon bands and started a Pop-Jazz ensemble called LARK. Since I've been in Bend, I have had the privilege of working with many more of the talented and wonderful musicians and performers that live here. Now I am currently writing the music and lyrics for a full length musical I developed with my writing partner and friend, 
Anne Fenn

I started teaching voice in 2014 as a response to several friends who were seeking vocal lessons and confidence-building techniques for either themselves or their kids. Turns out I LOVED teaching and helping others find their voice, but there was nowhere for my students to practice and get experience singing, so I eventually started Public (ROCK) Choir, and very soon after that Kids ROCK(!) Choir, to provide an outlet for them. To my constant amazement, most everyone in P(R)C has come in saying "I can't sing at all" or "I have a terrible voice - but I love to sing." These reoccurring messages I get from so many amazing people have slowly learned that helping facilitate people in finding their own unique voice is as fulfilling to me as any kind of personal performance and singing I have done. I believe everyone has the need and the right to sing. We are almost all born with the perfect tools - we just have to learn what they are and how they work. Even if you aren't "good," you should be able to experience the sound of your own voice at the top of your lungs! There is no license that you have to be granted or approval of some higher musical power to let your voice be heard exactly as it is. Anyone, at any level, can try, learn and excel at using their own voice. Nothing makes me more proud than when the shyest, most unlikely person in the room at P(R)C suddenly feels comfortable enough to belt one out right on the mic in front of everyone. To me, it is arguably the most beautiful sound there is!

I'd be happy to be a part of everyone's journey in finding their voice and offering them a safe place to let it out. Singing is something EVERYONE can do! If you can talk - you can sing. It feels great and it's amazingly fun at any level. I strongly encourage you to SING YOUR FACE OFF!  You're not alone!  Come out and SING, Bend!


You can hear Deena singing every Monday night at Public (ROCK) Choir or live around Central, OR in musicals and occasional band projects. Like our Sing Bend Facebook page for info on those events and more.

You can listen to Deena's 90's Alt Rock band Unruly Helga at


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