Keeping The Music Flowing While We Wait
~PRC Members Sing Remotely~

We are all trying to figure out how to stay connected and musical while we wait for COVID19 to pass. One of our regular Public (ROCK) Choir members, Marissa, had an idea just for fun. Deena recorded and sang the track and sent it to Marissa who sang her harmony part and sent it back to Deena who mixed it into the track... our song seed for a PRC tribute to the late GREAT Bill Withers.

This is our first attempt at staying connected until we can gather again. Using only cel phones, computers, and a rigged microphone or two - and recording in our closets, kitchens, cars... wherever it works. We're continuing to bring our voices together. We may not sound perfect but that's never been what we are about. Stay safe out there and keeping Singing Your Faces Off!

The next one is coming soon! To join in you will find all the files and instructions here:
PRC Production Page
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