KIDS ROCK(!) Choir

Kids ROCK(!) Choir


KIDS ROCK CHOIR is no longer happening every week.


Stay tuned for 6 week SUMMER PROGRAMS

starting in 2018.


Details coming soon!

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Sing Bend is excited to bring Kids ROCK(!) Choir to Central Oregon. This is a place where kids ages 12 and under can come and sing their faces off with only one goal: to have a great time singing!  No training or experience is required to join the fun. All songs are picked by the kids and slightly edited to be age appropriate, if nessecary. You can print out the lyrics ahead of time from the CHOIR SONGS page or just listen to the songs to familiarize them with the lyrics (especially those who don't read yet.)  It is also encouraged that parents, family, and friends come to  hang out and watch - an audience is a good thing!

There will always be microphones available for the kids as an option. Microphones will be used in turn so everyone gets a chance to shine their light and be a star! The more familiar they are with the songs, the more fun it will be for everyone, so listen and learn ahead of time when possible! We also do SOLOS throughout a few of the songs each week.  Your child can pick a solo part or choose to not do anything alone and just sing with the group parts. There is never any pressure to anything but enjoy!


Join us, bring a friend or two, and be a part of the most fun group of budding rock stars this town has ever seen and heard!

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Thank you to Jill Rosell Photography
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