Awesome - you are going to Central Oregon's Public (Rock) Choir!

​Below are the songs we are working on in the upcoming week. The song titles are linked so you can listen to them and get prepared (if that's your thing.) You can also come totally unprepared and just wing it. Whatever YOU need to enjoy yourself the most. There's never any pressure on our end.

Lyric sheets will be handed out as we need them at choir. If you would like to access and print out the lyrics sheets from this website, please email us a request and we'll get you the info you need asap.

This is YOUR choir. We welcome any song ideas you have for the group. We can't guarantee that we will sing them, but feel free to suggest any song you like!

Looking forward to hearing you sing your face off.



Due to public safety issues concerning COVID-19 we will not be having Rock Choir until further notice.

Check back when things calm down or get on the mailing list for updates.


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