It's a Wrap! PRC Summer Break Begins Now!

We wrapped one week earlier than planned but it's official - Sing Bend's Public (ROCK) Choir is breaking for the Summer! We spent the last few weeks celebrating our guitar player Eli's move to China after his graduation from High School (Way to go Eli!) and our incredible keyboard player, Emerson is off to Los Angeles to start his big time music career! We are so proud of you guys! We will miss you - come back and visit but bring your instruments please. And our old guitar player, Taylor, just released his second Documentary "Pick It Up Ska." We've been screening and celebrating that this past week too. Wow - Big week for PRC Musicians! As for my unstoppable PRC singers... I am so grateful t

2019 Summer Break for All Rock Choirs

Wondering where Teen Rock is in this picture? They thought it was lame and embarrassing and couldn't be bothered. Then they stormed off with their friends. Dear Bend Singers, After MANY months of back and forth about whether or not to hold Kids Rock and Teen Rock Workshops this Summer - I've finally decided officially to take the whole Summer off from all 3 Rock Choirs. So I am officially announcing to our current and future singers that there will be NO Rock Choir programing during the months of July, August, and September in 2019. It has been 3 years since I started Public (ROCK) Choir and other than a few days off here and there we have not had a break! It's been growing steadily, and I'v © 2017.  All Rights Reserved