Summer Workshops for Kids!

Kids ROCK(!) Choir is back! This time we are doing two 6 week Summer workshops where your kiddos can come get some basic skills, pick the songs (as always) and sing their beautiful faces off! At the end of each workshop we will have an informal, but AWESOME performance for parents, friends, and family. It's right at the witching hour of those crazy hot Summer days from 4-5pm. So you can bring in your kid (or drop off,) grab a cold beverage and a snack, and hang out in a nice cool space while your kids gets crazy for a full hour of pure singing madness. Tell a friend, and sign up soon so we can get prepped! After you have signed your child(ren) up you will receive an email from yours truly as

So you think you can't sing?

Check out this GLORIOUS video of people singing their hearts out for the love of it!!! So you think you can't sing... Who cares?!! Not us. At PRC we sing because we WANT to, and because we LOVE it! Most of us aren't trained singers, professional musicians, or rappers (Ha! NONE of us are rappers!) We do this because it feels good, it's good for you, and we have the best time. I am SO PROUD of the singers who show up every week to sing their faces off. They're making music with all their might even though most of them have grown up in a world that told them they shouldn't even bother to try. Are we REALLY all that uptight in our culture that we have to sound "correct" if we want to make music

Private Lessons Are Back!

As many of you may remember, last Summer I decided to take a little break from giving private lessons. After almost a year off, I'm starting back up again. Yay! Honestly - I love giving private lessons and I'm excited to get back to it. The work we do in the music room, one on one, can be very emotional, challenging, and inspiring! There's really nothing like it if you're trying to evolve vocally. I love working with individual voices and giving you tools to own YOUR very unique and important voice. Love love love it. Woo Hoo! I am only going to be available a few hours a week for private lessons as of right now, so if you're interested please contact me asap to get a time slot and/or get on © 2017.  All Rights Reserved