Performance Workshop... get in here!

​ SING BEND is having a PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP!​​ SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH 1PM ALL AGES ♫ ALL SIZES ♫ ALL LEVELS ♫ ALL REASONS WELCOME!! You can use online/youtube music beds or you can play your own instrument. (Contact Deena if you're not sure what to do - we'll figure out a good plan for you) $40/person Family and friends welcome to hang out and be a supportive audience. Apply all the work you do in our lessons to a live situation! You and the other attendees will give feedback to eachother after each round of performances. The amount of times you perform will depend on how many people attened. We are shooting for at least 2 times per person. Don't panic! The location of works © 2017.  All Rights Reserved