Practice and hard work WILL pay off!

There is a saying in the music world that goes like this: "If I don't practice for one day, I know it. If I don't practice for two days, the critics know it. If I don't practice for three days, the audience knows it." Today I had a regular weekly lesson with one of my very hard working and determined students, Miss Farley. We have been working on many aspects of her voice for less than 5 months. She is a great listener, and tries hard, but more importantly she PRACTICES! Today she turned a beautiful corner and I heard her voice open up like never before! As you would expect, it brought me to tears. I always knew that amazing voice was in there, but she didn't hear what I was hearing so i

Legends are Legends for a reason.

I have been working on the Queen/Bowie song "Under Pressure" for a project I am doing. I wanted to find out what the song was ACTUALLY written about figuring the story must be out there since the song was a #1 hit and has been on so many subsequent albums... Well - I was correct - there is a LOT of information about the inception, recording, and subsequent success of this one particular song. Of course, like most kids of the 80's I never really gave it much thought. It was a song I heard on the radio... over and over again. The end. Now as an adult, singer, songwriter, musician, and teacher I listen to this song very differently. I'll give you the quick back story, but I highly recommend © 2017.  All Rights Reserved