Sing Bend is having it's first Performance Workshop!

So I've been threatening you all, and now I'm finally setting a date. Here are the preliminary details: Our first performance workshop will be on May 3rd at 10 AM. How long it goes depends on how many students are attending but I'm thinking it's going to be around 4 hours and it will be located in the Studio behind our house! We will be using music beds (karaoke tracks) for this first workshop unless you can and want to accompany yourself. (for future workshops I'm hoping to have a live band! Woo hoo!) Depending on the number of attendees I am hoping to have each student perform at least two songs. They can be songs we work on during our private lessons, or something you want to try out o

The key to everything is being your authentic YOU!

Recently I gave one of my fantastic students an assignment to help her break out of a shy place that she seemed to be stuck in. What she came back with practically brought me to tears. Before the assignment she was doing great crafting every note sung to be just like the original singer in the work song that she choose (a common, and helpful default for singers who are learning or just starting out.) She is very good at this and usually sounds technically “perfect”. My challenge was that she tends to sound too tentative when she sings - like she's not allowing herself to let her true voice out! So... I gave her a very daring homework assignment to write a simple three chord song and melod © 2017.  All Rights Reserved