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Kids ROCK(!) Choir

After School Programs

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Sing Bend is excited to bring Kids ROCK(!) Choir to Central Oregon SCHOOLS! Our After School Program is geared for kids who love to sing their faces off and have a great time!  No training or experience is required to join in the fun. Kids are encouraged to print out the CHOIR SONGS or just listen to them to familiarize themselves with the lyrics (especially kids who don't read yet.)

There will always be microphones available for the kids. Microphones will be used in turn so everyone gets a chance to shine their light and be a star! The more familiar they are with the songs, the more fun it will be for everyone, so listen and learn ahead of time when possible! We also do SOLOS throughout a few of the songs each week.  Your child can pick a solo part of choose to not do anything alone and just sing with the group parts. There is never any pressure to anything but enjoy!


Sign your child up ASAP! If the enrollment number is not met before the program begins, we cannot do the program.

Tumalo Community School

19835 Second Street, Bend, OR 97701

7 Week program - Wednesdays 2:45-4:00pm

$70 enrollment Fee

10/4 - 11/15

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