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Private Voice Lessons
in Bend and Central Oregon

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"If you can talk - you can sing."
D. Kamm, Vocal Instructor at Sing Bend

"Singing is your birthright."



Private Voice Coach | Rock Choir Director

Deena Kamm has been recording, touring, and creating music for 30+ years, as a singer, songwriter, producer, VO Artist, and vocal coach.

She began her professional career in her hometown of Los Angeles, where her rock band Unruly Helga released 3 albums and played hundreds of live concerts around the U.S. She was also hired regularly to sing for NBC, CBS, MTV, FOX, Clear Channel, Premiere Radio Networks, The Howard Stern Show and so much more...

In 2010, she relocated to Bend, OR and launched SING BEND, a private vocal coaching practice. Soon after that she created the PUBLIC ROCK CHOIR, a public "group singing" event devoted to helping Bend, and Central Oregonians, find the hidden power of their voice while singing their faces off.

Deena is also the owner and director of VOICE UP, an executive voice coaching consultancy specializing in developing and maintaining the voices of public speakers, attorneys, politicians, influencers, authors, and anyone else who relies on the confidence and quality of their speaking voice. Learn more at

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